Types of analyses

Below you can find examples of applications of flow cytometry in the field of plant breeding/plant multiplication. All these examples can be performed by Plant Cytometry Services.


Ploidy analyses to determine ploidy level:

  • Analyses and determination of the ploidy level of the starting material for tissue culture multiplication
  • Analyses of the changes in ploidy level after tissue culture multiplication
  • Analyses of the purity of seed lots
  • Screen and analyse for haploids and diploids from anther, microspore and ovary cultures
  • Screen and analyse for ploidy impurities
  • Screen and analyse for tetraploidy that result from a treatment with colchicine/oryzaline

Determination of small differences in DNA amount:

  • Trace aneuploids
  • Trace interspecific hybrids (only if the difference of the nuclear DNA amount between the parents can be measured)
  • Search for polypoidy as a results of apomixes
  • Characterising related species/DNA content variation in different species of genus
  • Trace of successful cell fusions.

Determination of absolute DNA content (size of the genome)

  • These type of analyses are required for scientific publications