Delivery of material

Simple sampling and transport

  • For most analyses a small piece of leaf (min. 1-2 cm2) is sufficient. For the analyses of tissue culture material this is often even less.
  • A control sample of known ploidy level must always be added to the shipment. The DNA content of the sample is always measured in relation to the control reference.
  • Because of possible differences in DNA amount between subspecies and varieties, it is recommended to give some background information about the ‘history’ of the samples. Also of possible treatments.
  • The best way to pack the samples is in plastic bags with code number, included with a piece of slightly moist filter paper. It is preferred to use a logical number sequence of, for example, 1 until 100.
  • We advise to send the samples with a courier service in an envelope with ‘air cushions’, or better in a box, to avoid crushing of the material.
  • To guarantee a workable planning, we ask you to inform PCS upfront about future shipments. This can be done by email or by telephone. PCS prefers to analyse the material as ‘fresh’ as possible. It is better to let the leaves hang on the plant for another day, then to keep the leaves in the refrigerator.


Quick and reliable results

  • Shipments are analysed as quickly as possible after they arrive at PCS. Usually this is done within 2 (work)days.
  • The results are immediately send to the costumer per e-mail after the analyses. This means that the costumer gets the results very quickly