About us

Plant Cytometry Services (PCS) is an independent Dutch company that is specialised in measuring  the DNA content in nuclei of plant cells. These measurement are done with a flowcytometer and have several applications, of which determining the ploidy level is the most important.

Plant Cytometry Services was founded in April 1987 by Ir. Gerard J.J. Geenen. PCS is the first company in the Netherlands that is commercially offering the flow cytometry technology as a service. The costumers of PCS are mainly companies that are doing research and development in the field of plant breeding and biotechnology.

Throughout the years, a big costumer base was build up which include plant breeding companies, universities and research institutes in the Netherlands as well as in the rest of the world. Moreover, has PCS worked with hundreds of plant species from agriculture, horticulture, floriculture and nature. These plant species come from temperate climate zones, as well as artic and (sub)tropical climate zones.

Since August 2014, Plant Cytometry Services is owned by Dr. Ir. C.J.J.M Raemakers.

Krit Raemakers has done his PhD at the WUR in the field of plant breeding, and has years of experience with several cell biological technologies at universities as well as commercial companies. In 2011 Krit founded the company Advanced Tissue Culture Techniques (ATCT). ATCT has great experience with many well-known cell biological techniques and can help your company with the implementation of these techniques in your plant breeding programme. ATCT works closely together with Euro-Tiss B.V. Euro-Tiss is specialized in the large scale invitro multiplication of plants.

The core values of PCS are:

  • Good contact with our clients
  • Swift and reliable results
  • Competitive pricing
  • Accurate results
  • Advice by implementing the results
  • Wide experience with hundreds of plant species
  • Reliable and discrete