The company


Plant Cytometry Services (PCS) is an independent Dutch company that is specialised in measuring the DNA content in nuclei of plant cells. These measurement are done with a flow cytometer and have several applications, of which determining the ploidy level is the most used.

For more information about the company, see the about us section of the website.


Our services


The main analytical services that PCS offers are listed below. For a full list of our services, see the types of analyses section of this website.


– Determination and analyses of ploidy level

– Identification of interspecific hybrids

– Success rate of chemical polyploidisation

– Characterisation of species in a Genus

– Determination of absolute DNA content (size of the genome)

Ploidy analyses

The analyses that PCS conducts the most is the ploidy level analyses. Two examples of such measurments are shown in the figure below.















Figure 1: This figure illustrates two examples of ploidy levels observed in seeds (right) and species with endopolyploidy (left).


 Owner of the company & ATCT

The company is owned by Dr. Ir. C.J.J.M Raemakers, who is an expert in the field of tissue culture, plant breeding, and biological research. With years of experience, he can be a valuable adviser or consultant for your tissue culture project. Consultancy project are done in combination with ATCT, which is a daughter company of Plant Cytometry Services.


In the past few years ATCT has played a consultancy role in several projects in the field of biological research, development and breeding. For more information about the projects that ATCT has done in the past, see this page. You can also send an email through our contact page to investigate the possibilities for your own project.